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Sony Portable TC-211 Bandrecorder 1963


Deze Sony Portable bandrecorder met diaprojector sync ziet er uitstekend uit en is compleet. Het apparaat is ongetest en wordt verkocht als werking onbekend. Recorder komt uit een museum.

A versatile recorder aimed at the photographic enthusiast, the TC-211 featured an ‘exclusive’ automatic, built-in ‘programmer’ to activate a slide projector in sync with a pre-recorded narration or sound track. Sony also referred to it in their sales material as their ‘most compact tape teaching recorder available’.
Price when new $129.50

Rewind speed: 2 minutes / Inputs: high level radio / PU, low level moving coil microphone / Outputs: 8 ohm extension speaker / Dimensions: 4½ x 8¾ x 7¾” (114 x 222 x 197 mm) /